About Us

Varmora Group is one of India's biggest multi-disciplinary business establishments with headquarters in Morbi, Gujarat. Since its inception in 1993, the Varmora Group has successfully diversified into multiple divisions including Varmora Granito, Varmora Flex, Varmora Fastener and Varmora InfoTech, with a clear vision to incept a corporation that would set new standards for excellence. And the Varmora Group remains strongly committed to provide efficient and top-quality products & services to its customers and clients.

Pursuing the same level of commitment and excellence, the Varmora Group is devoted to making its presence felt in the rising plastics industry and aims at fulfilling the void of quality plastic products with Varmora Plastech.

Varmora Plastech has been steadily evolving into a world renowned brand through its groundbreaking, innovative and attractive product range. With its consistent success and growth, brand Varmora Plastech stands out in its pursuit of excellence while at the same time prompting a sense of health and quality lifestyle amongst its customers.

Varmora Plastech genuinely believes in good health and nutrition. It strives to provide a range of products that facilitate the customers in maintaining better health and food nutrition in their daily lives.

Better health leads towards a better lifestyle and a better life as a whole. And Varmora Plastech is proud to have incorporated a similar thought into the making of its trademark range of quality products.

Plastic has become a necessary part of our day to day lives. Unfortunately, the existing market falls short of providing a quality standard, innovative range of products to meet the daily needs of the customers. Varmora Plastech aims to fill this very gap by introducing its innovative range of products that not only will satisfy the needs of the customers but also set a standard in quality plastic ware. The range of plastic products from Varmora Plastech has high standards of quality and durability, and is designed specifically for ease of storage and handling.

The range of products from Varmora Plastech comes with its own functionality and design. The products include – plastic containers, oil cans, dustbins, crates, pallets and storage tanks and high quality plastic furniture, which are manufactured in our fully automatic plant using premium plastic material and high end technology. All of our products are manufactured to ensure the users' comfort, and come with detailed information about its characteristics and functionality regarding use and care.

Our products are available in different shapes, sizes and translucent colors which can also be customized according to the specifications to meet the market demands. Our products have garnered much praise from clients and customers for their durability, attractive looks and easy of carrying, light weight and eco-friendly features.

We at Varmora Plastech understand the need for ease and comfort that are the essence of plastic products in today's modern lifestyle. Our products are designed keeping in mind their utility throughout the masses and age groups. From school kids to college going teenagers, working class men and women to business people as well as housewives and senior citizens, our range of products are best suited for every segment of society in a way that has made our hectic and busy lives easier, more comfortable and convenient.

Varmora Furniture

Varmora Furniture is an up and coming brand in the plastic furniture segment offering a wide variety of latest and trendy products. Plastic furniture has increasingly become convenient and cost effective, and Varmora Furniture understands the market's need of efficient and lasting products.

Varmora Furniture offers a wide range of products that are specifically designed with a unique functionality, like plastic chairs, tables, office furniture and more. The products are designed according to the latest market trends and come in a variety of shapes and colors. Our products have garnered much praise from clients and customers for their durability, attractive looks and easy of carrying, light weight and eco-friendly features.

The products from Varmora Furniture are manufactured using premium plastic material and high end technology to ensure better performance.

Core Values

1) Excellence

We must constantly strive to improve ourselves, our teams, our services and our products to become the best in the industry. Various criteria's on which excellence can be defined such as Perfect Product, Efficiency, Service, Process, Competence, Management, Technology, etc.

2) Happiness for all

We constantly meet the expectations of all our stakeholders like customers, employees, vendors, society, etc.

3) Speed of execution

We look upon speed as responding to internal and external customers with a sense of urgency. We shall continuously seek to crash timelines and ensure expeditious completion of our tasks. Through this value, we hope to build an agile and proactive organization that is prompt to respond to the present and future needs of our customers.

4) Teamwork

As a team, we must act upon together, understand, complement, add value & help each other to reach a predefined common purpose

5) Mutual respect/ dignity

We treat everyone as equal human being, regardless of grade, role, and functionality internal/ external. We respect each other, make an effort to understand & work towards building mutual trust. We value & encourage difference of opinion

Work Philosophy

1) 'Time' as a valuable asset-

"Time is money". Therefore Varmora emphasizes on disciplined utilization of time. Every employee should exhibit his/ her own 'Value for time' through 'On time' or 'Before time' meetings, delivery on time, 'On time' reporting on duty & timely submission of required reports, etc or any other creative way to demonstrate it.

2) Commitment is an act, not a wordy assurance-

Every employee must be committed to their assigned tasks & must accomplish it in given time frame developing a Sense of Involvement/ Sense of Ownership towards their work. They must facilitate in Speedy execution of tasks remaining focused to it.

3) Produce 'The Best'

Every individual at Varmora owes to produce 'The Best' in any or every responsibility given to them & lead by example. They must constantly strive to produce best future leaders, entrepreneurs from employees, world class quality product, excellence in work. Therefore every individual should become a team player fostering a culture of teamwork & positive work environment.

4) Transparency in Communication

Every communication in & out of the organization should be transparent having a clear line of sight into the company's strategy & performance, good or bad. It states that every employee/ individual must-

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