Life Time Guarantee: Varmora presents its product with a life time guarantee. Varmora products are guaranteed to execute under domestic use for the life time of product.

Varmora products are guaranteed against chipping, cracking or breaking under non commercial use. If in any case non-availability, a particular color of part in the original product cannot be provided we will provide a matching color. If we cannot find a matching color, the customer will be requested to give back all the parts of the old product and have new products of a same design but new color.

If due to non availability of any product during replacement. Varmora will pleased to give comparable product in volume or full credit to the value of the last recommended retail price of that item, towards future purchase of the Varmora products.
Life Time Guarantee Cover as follow: Replacement Circumstances: Base: Seal: Life Time Guarantee is not covered under as follow : Non Replacement Cases : Base : Seal: